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Hiring an Interior Designer? Some things to think about….

1. Bottom line: Do you like their style! Does it have the “WOW” factor for you!
Be aware of designers who say. “I can do any style you desire”. They just are looking for a job.

2. What elements define your style? Where do you find your inspiration?

3. Look for original creativity
Originality (the ability to think independently and creatively) is one of the most important factors on how to choose an interior designer

4. Ask interior designers for their portfolios
The portfolio is a window to their past projects and their outcomes. It will give you a solid foundation.

5. Check if they Sketch
When a designer can start with a creative idea and put pencil to paper and truly bring an idea to life on the page-that is one unique individual.

6. What is their project management style like?
Every designer handles project management differently, so it’s important to have a firm and clear grasp of how your designer’s process works.

7. What do you find most challenging about designing a luxury home?
Understanding where a firm’s strengths and weaknesses lie will help you determine whether or not it is the right match for your project, scope, and timeline.

8. What is an example of a mistake you made on a project, how did you handle it, and what did you learn from it?

9. How do you decide which projects are a good fit for you and your team?
Keep in mind projects can go on for a long time! The partnership needs to be respectful and enjoyable for both parties

10. What do you prioritize when planning a budget?

It’s important to be on the same page before the project starts to avoid unnecessary conflict

11. Do you welcome client involvement or do you prefer clients to be hands-off?